Mt. Lukens via Haines Canyon Trail

June 1, 2019 @ 7:00 am
Mt. Lukens via Haines Canyon Trail

11 MRT – Strenuous (3,050′ elevation gain/loss)

Meet at the 118 & Stearns St. Park & Ride. Bring your camera, water and lunch. Wear boots.

As our hike begins, we’ll pass by a debris dam and catch basin (on our right) near the mouth of Haines Canyon. The trail is a dirt road at first but it soon becomes a single-track trail. The canyon and the trail itself offer a variety of vegetation and sweeping views of the surrounding landscape, both near and far. As we gain elevation the single-track trail reverts to a somewhat eroded and overgrown dirt road that we’ll follow all the way to a summit (5,066’) populated with around ten tall communication towers and providing wide-ranging views (including lots of mountains) in several directions. After taking a lunch/rest break “on top of the world,” we’ll return the way we came.